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Walking fitness

Good for walking
Walking makes you stronger, avoid Ostroparosis
Concept by the care of the foot …
By specialists who analyse the movement and the dynamics of the foot

Walking fitness
Walktec – good for the foot
Walking fitness
Walking fitness

Running, walk and walking fitness

Walking as a precautionary measure

Walking is a healthy activity and an agreeable pass time. With minimum supervision of the different parts of the body, " The step " works beneficially on the blood circulation and general well being
Consequently, walking relieves some leg problems as well as some of their pathologies (for example: Ostheoparosis).


The analysis and the biomechanical computer-aided research of movement gives the possibility of acquiring a precise and faithful reproduction of the displacement of the patient. The pathologies of ends of lower limb and back can be located much easier.

This is more specifically the case of patients suffering from ostheoparosis, rheumatism or sportsmen having problems with their Achilles tendon, knees and others.

For avid walkers or people who practice various and intensive sports, this analysis gives the possibility of protecting the patient against different injuries.

Using a special software package, the different angles of the body can be measured and compared with the reference standards of the patient.

The results and analysis provide a good therapy follow up by the doctor or therapist in charge of specific case. The results of the different biomechanical aspects allow for the creation of the sole.

Study and Comparisons of the measurements of pressures of the foot

Thanks to the help of the loaded sole and neutral footwear the dynamic analysis of the sharing out of plantar pressures (Pédographie) can be accomplished. Once the electronic measurement of pressured areas on the foot has been taken, we use a modern technology by analysing and diagnosing the problem with the foot.

With these results we are able to recognise various pressure areas on the foot and provide effciient therapy to the area.

Measurements of sole pressures before and after the introduction of the insoles.

Results and analysis, valuation in collaboration with other therapists.

Measurements taken in the footwear allow the reduction of the points of hyper-pressures